Our Refund Policy

MBX SEO Agency is an organization where every client is valuable to us. We strive to reach the client’s goals with our best services. We always try to be the client’s partner till they reach their goals. But many times the client may need to terminate the contract and get a refund for many reasons, in that case, we respect our client’s opinion and allow refund the client.

Please read our refund policy.

Full refund within 5 days

If you want to cancel our services within the first 5 days of payment, you are eligible for a full refund.

After completion of 5 days

If you wish to discontinue our services after the initial 5 days, you must pay the full month or continue with us for at least one month.

Cancellation of Service Renewal

To cancel any service renewal, please notify us at least 10 days before the start of the next month. Failure to do so will incur a charge equal to the working hours in the following month. If you fail to do that, you will have to continue with us next month

Refund Processing

Refund, if applicable, will be credited to the account from which payment was made within 45 days of service cancellation.

SEO Refund Policy

Please note that MBX SEO Agency cannot guarantee returns or top search rankings in the following situations

Algorithm changes

We are not responsible for refunds if SEO ranking is affected by changes in search engine algorithms, policies, or functionality.


We are not responsible for errors resulting from incorrect information provided by the client. No refund or money-back guarantee will be issued in such cases

Third-Party SEO Services

If the client engages with other third-party SEO services, MBX SEO Agency will not be responsible for the SEO results.

Search Ranking Variability

The number of times a website appears in search results and the rank may vary. Immediate changes in search rankings are not guaranteed.

Client or third-party changes

Any adverse impact on rankings due to changes in website content by clients or third-party service providers employed by them is beyond our responsibility.

MBX SEO retains the authority to modify the aforementioned refund and cancellation policy at any time, without prior notification.